We mill pure, local grain from the heart of Tasmania

Pure Foods Milling source and market wholegrain, meals, rolled or hammer-milled grain, blends and pellets from our Carrick Feed Mill.

Layer Pellets

Formulated from a range of selected ingredients including cereal grains (wheat and barley), legumes, vegetarian protein meals, dicalcium phosphate, calcium, salt, vitamin and a trace mineral premix.

Budget Layer Pellets 18KG

These pellets are formulated as a minimum layer ration, using 12% protein while comprising all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hens.

Value Layer Pellets 18KG

Are an ideal maintenance layer pellet featuring a balanced 16% protein ration suited for all breeds of hens and any environment.

Performance Layer Pellets 18KG

Specifically formulated with a higher 18% protein for top egg shell quality and hen health.

Duck Pellets

Duck Pellets

Duck Pellets 18kg – A complete feed for both meat and breeding ducks that is suitable for feeding birds from 6 weeks of age onwards.

All products are available at Petstock or in bulk, direct from our Carrick mill.

Pure Foods Milling is an accredited manufacturer.

Pure Foods Approved

As used by Pure Foods Eggs, Tasmania’s largest egg producer.

Proudly Vegetarian

All our pellets are animal protein free.

Our services are designed to make it simple to do business

Customers can have feed manufactured to their specifications.

To discuss product, pricing and contract options, please contact the milling team on 0363 935 700 or email milling@purefoods.com.au