Pure Foods Eggs sources high-quality feed for our hens from Tasmanian-operated business Vaucluse.

Based at Conara, Vaucluse supplies Pure Foods with its white-grained feed wheat, Manning.


The dual-purpose wheat is ideal for Tasmania because of its long-growing season in temperate climates.


Manning’s high yield potential also makes it a reliable source of Tasmanian-grown feed for Pure Foods.


Simon Burgess started in the field as an apprentice at 15 and he is now the operating partner at Vaucluse.


A combination of excellent weather conditions and Mr Burgess’ knowledge and years of experience have played significant roles in this year’s wonderful season.


The absence of fronts after October, and wind and rain from December are ideal weather conditions for a strong yield.


Mr Burgess has been focusing on ensuring the Manning has consistent moisture through irrigation, balancing the chemistry, controlling weeds and managing stubble.


Manning is Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus resistant and is tolerant to temporarily dry conditions.


Vaucluse retains seed from the previous year but the company also trials new brands of products each year to provide the best disease prevention and highest yield.


Pure Foods not only uses the high-quality feed for its hens, we also sell the product to the public.


Pure Foods Milling, which can be purchased from Animal Tuckerbox, is put together at Carrick.  


The Manning wheat is mixed with other grains such as barley, legumes, vegetarian protein meals, dicalcium phosphate, salt, vitamin and trace mineral premix.


For more information about purchasing our feed, visit www.animaltuckerbox.com.au.